MSFS Sofly Storm: uragani e tempeste su Flight Simulator

Per gli amanti delle condizioni meteo particolarmente avverse Sofly ha rilasciato Storm, un programma che aggiunge uragani storici, supertempeste e una vasta gamma di preset di tempeste in qualsiasi parte del mondo.


  • A large number of Hurricanes (historical and fictional) are injected into Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Global storm presets that preset a challenge anywhere in the world
  • Fully voiced story-driven missions
  • Educational airliner flights to the eye of the storm; choose between the default A320 or the FBW A32NX
  • All-new discovery flights and authentic audio tour
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator first: interactive manual as you fly in the simulator
  • Tough and thrilling landing challenges
  • Flight plans leading you to the hurricanes are included, or discover them on your own
  • Detailed PDF guide helping you find the hurricanes and storms included