MSFS Rilasciato scenario free LIDT - Trento Mattarello

Rilasciato oggi su lo scenario free di LIDT - Trento.

Queste le key features riportate dall'autore:

"The building in the scenery are all custom made, based on real pictures taken by myself at the airport at the end of the previous year (thanks covid.)

key features:

- fully custom made building

- PBR texturing

- rain effects on main tower windows and nearby glass fences

- super crisp true to life apron texture and taxylines

- custom and appropriate night lights

- a bunch of animations: drones, trains, flags interacting with the wind, custom windsocks, and a working digital clock located in the control tower (they really have one there tuned on zulu time)

- to improve realism, and a special gift and thanks to the wonderful guys at Soccoso Alpino / 118, have modeled a custom AW139, with animated blades and lights

- land side has been modeled as well, including roads and the railway

- fps friendly (sort of, i'm running a laptop on ultra @45 fps)"
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