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Redwing ha rilasciato su Simmarket il Super-Constellation L-1049 (sembra in early state)






L-1049B or C121C (Breitling livery).

L-1049G (Air France livery)

L-1049G (TWA livery) with wing tanks

L-1049G (SWISS AIR livery) with wing tanks

Optimised graphics and multi level of detail model.
8K and 4K textures High-quality textures, including rain effects and icing.

Fully fonctionnal 3D Cockpit, including electric, hydraulic and de-icing systems.

Simplifiyed passengers cabin.

Additional 3D for stairs, services, openning doors,life rafts, remove before flight and 3D characters for refulling.

WWise realistic Wright engines R-3350 soundpack.

An easy mode adds some usefull help, bugs and warning lights.

Simplified damage system including belly landing or water ditching.

Fully French cockpit for the AIR FRANCE livery (UK optional)

VFX smoke engine at start, fuel dumping.

Clipboard "ipad" to manage options.

Early access

We have planned a comprehensive roadmap for more functionality

The price will increase as more options are added, but all updates will be free for early access users.

Todo List for the coming months:

- KLM and LUFTHANSA liveries

- MATS cargo version

- Complexe fuel system

- Full feathering system

- Breakdown and damage management including volatile collisions, emergency and oxygen systems, train problems and tyres.

- Weather radar, LORAN system and sextan.

- A blank livery set fore more and more liveries

- A.I. Flight Engineer, Copilote and/or Pilot with voices