P3D Lockheed Martin rilascia l'Hotfix 2 per P3D v5.3

Rilasciato oggi l'hotfix per Prepar3D v5.3

Lista aggiornamenti

Client Fixes and Improvements​

  • Fixed issue causing intermittent stuttering and performance drops in some cases.
  • Fixed issue causing atmospheric scattering to be misaligned from the sun position in some cases.
  • Improved performance when processing vector shape data.
  • Fixed issue causing stars to be dim when Enhanced Atmospherics is disabled.
  • Improved HTML5 panel performance.
  • Fixed bug where having mouse yoke active when entering full screen would keep mouse cursor confined to window’s previous size.
  • Fixed crash when reloading a scenario after entering and exiting VR using HTML5 infogen.
  • Added documentation for new affinity mask capabilities.
  • Fixed issue preventing visual runway approaches from being available for all runways.
  • Fixed issue where OpenDIS VariableDatum class did not support more than 128 bytes of data.
  • Added acceleration to DIS Entity State PDU.

Content Fixes and Improvements​

  • Fixed issue preventing HIMARS textures from displaying correctly.

Scenery Fixes and Improvements​

  • Removed several unused textures.
  • Fixed position of PAKT runway