MSFS LeonardoSH annuncia il rilascio imminente del Maddog

Nel pomeriggio di oggi LeonardoSH ha comunicato la data di rilascio del tanto atteso MD82, indicando il 30 Aprile.

"Hi captains,

I don't get lost in chatter talk but I'll tell you immediately what many of you have been waiting to know for quite some time: the release date is set for April the 30th 2022 and the price will be 75 € + VAT. Fly the Maddog X will be available via SimMarket only.

I could add so many details but I will do it in the next few days, the most important thing is the addition of the EFB, initially not planned in the feature list, and the introduction of a new 3D model for the passenger cabin in line with the new graphic standards of FS2020.

See you soon in MSFS2020!"

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