MSFS Just Flight aggiorna il PA-28R Arrow III per MSFS


La Just Flight ha aggiornato il PA-28R Arrow III per Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Per scaricare l'update dovrete andare nell'area privata di Just Flight e riscaricare il prodotto

Lista updates :


- Icing effects added

- Propeller animations fixed

- Improvements to exterior surface detail and decals added for higher texture resolution in previously lower resolution exterior and cockpit areas

- GNS 430/530 - Power functionality and backlighting added, 2D pop-outs fixed

- Fuel selector can now be controlled using 'FUEL SELECTOR 1 LEFT/OFF/RIGHT' assignments

- Tweaks to autopilot roll control

- Improvements to FDE - idle RPM fixed, vibration/wobble reduced

- VR compatibility fixes

- Support added for the following 'set' control assignments - Battery, alternator, beacon light, landing light, navigation lights, strobe lights, pitot heat

- Landing light illumination area increased

- Cockpit texture resolution no longer reduced with lower graphical settings selected

- Autopilot and navigation lights circuit breakers now affect associated systems

- Autopilot heading mode active without autopilot engaged - fixed

- Tutorial flight files added

- Engine priming and start tweaked for greater realism, manual updated to provide more information on engine priming before start up

- Wind direction reversed on EFB - fixed

- Navigation mode will now default to VLOC/NAV unless state saving is enabled and GPS mode was selected on previous flight

- CDI on NAV/OBS 1 now responds correctly to GPS course

- GPS 100 sometimes stuck in self-test mode - fixed

- Manual changes to transponder code sometimes not triggering response from ATC - fixed

- Transponder mode changes not being recognised by ATC - fixed

- Rudder trim direction reversed - fixed

- COM and NAV audio idents - fixed

- EFB and GPS 100 displays no longer refresh when not in use for improved performance (FPS). EFB automatically turns off when hidden.

- OAT indicator fixed

- ELT set to ON when selecting cold & dark state - fixed

- Environment (e.g. cloud, taxi markings) sometimes visible in footwell - fixed

- inHG barometric setting option added to altimeters

- Mixture 'decrease incrementally' assignment fixed

- Custom registration decals now remain visible at a greater distance (lower LOD)

- Gear mechanism animation fixes