MSFS Flight Sim Labs annuncia che svilupperà anche per MSFS

Dopo tanti mesi di silenzio anche FSLab ha sciolto le riserve e pare approderà sulla piattaforma di MSFS

Non noti i tempi ne ancora disponibile alcuna preview

"Hello all,

It's been a couple months since our last news, so I wanted to take this opportunity and give you an update of our current project development status.

We've so far been very quiet as regards our MSFS development plans - we've taken some time to investigate the best possible way to bring our product family into the new platform while maintaining a common code base that still keeps a high level of realism and fidelity as regards the flight model characteristics our customer base has been used to up to now. Given the well documented state of the Microsoft Flight Simulator SDK we are continuing our efforts to innovate beyond the platforms' current limitations.

Over the last eighteen months, FSLabs has undergone a period of growth where we've brought a number of new developers on board as well as a new support team member and this allows us to utilize functional teams to develop our products in parallel.

A few words regarding our current product road map:

We're very excited to be working on the A320 NEO which we expect to make available on the Prepar3D platform initially. The A320 NEO will join the A320-X Master Series line of products that we are working to bring onto the MSFS platform.

We also expect to release the Concorde on Prepar3D first and again, we're working to release it to the MSFS platform. We will be excited to share more previews of this title as it enters beta testing in the next six to eight weeks!

We're also happy to announce that the A3XX product that we've been teasing for a while now is in fact the Airbus A330. We've been working on this product along side our other development and we expect to give you more news on that later on.

Last but not least, as promised in my last news announcement, we're excited to bring a functional update to the A319/A320/A321 WTF series that brings the EFB, and Jump Ahead feature to these aircraft as part of today's update that will become available in the next few hours as part of our experimental channel. This update will also include more fixes and improvements to the FMGC logic as part of our continued commitment to supporting our existing product family.

As always, thank you for your continued support!"

NB: immagine repertorio FSLabs P3D



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Buona notizia, credo si siano accorti in questi giorni dello spopolamento definitivo delle piattaforme Xplane e P3D


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Buona notizia, credo si siano accorti in questi giorni dello spopolamento definitivo delle piattaforme Xplane e P3D
Bè a leggere il loro post non si evince ciò, dato che comunque tutti i loro progetti futuri prevendono una release per Prepar3d e parlo di adattamento del Concorde, miglioramento della serie A32X, rilascio dell'A320 NEO (esclusiva P3D al momento) e sviluppo dell'A330.
E' chiaro che adesso MSFS va attraendo sempre più simmers e pseudosimmers e quindi sarebbe da sciocchi precludersi questa fetta di mercato.