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MSFS Nuovi screen del Maddog Leonardo SH per MSFS

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Leonardo Software House, in concomitanza dell'update del Maddog per Prepar3D 5.2, ha rilasciato due nuovi screen del celebre Md80 per MSFS.
Ancora molto il lavoro da fare ma il progetto è in avanzamento

"Answering one of the most asked questions, yes we're progressing with the FS2020 SDK, starting to see the first results in the new platform and thus allowing us to be a lot more optimistic about the future of the Maddog in Flight Simulator... there is a lot of work to be done and it's a long way to go, so obviously no ETA. I'll drop these two screenshots for your viewing pleasure"


MSFS Preview Hawk T1/A Just Flight

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Just ha flight ha rilasciato alcune immagini e informazioni sul velivolo da addestramento Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer


P3D Rilasciato Prepar3D 5.2

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Corposo e inatteso aggiornamento di Prepar3D alla versione 5.2

"The changelog is fairly extensive, with a lot of focus on the Enhanced Atmospherics engine and lighting. According to the changelog, Enhanced Atmospherics can be used with legacy clouds, along with improvements to memory usage, precipitation and lighting. In addition, they have also addressed how clouds in EA are rendered (less of a gird effect) and several other improvements that have been reported since version 5.1.

Whilst the update is focused on the environmental effects, there has also been additional improvements to road light settings, and particles can now be dynamically lit. Virtual Reality has also seen numerous improvements, whilst support for headsets has been extended to include the VRgineers XTAL VR and the Varjo XR-3 VR headset."

Qui la lista dei miglioramenti:

General Platform Updates​


MSFS Rilasciato Rome Urbe LIRU

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Sul sito https://beautifulmodelworld.ru è stato rilasciato oggi lo scenario aeroportuale di LIRU, Roma Urbe

E' possibile effettuare il download solo dopo aver aderito alla membership di 24 euro che permette di effettuare il download degli scenari realizzati



Recentemente erano stati rilasciati anche Pescara (LIBP) e Rimini (LIPR)

MSFS Rilasciato Sim Update 4

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Microsoft ha pubblicatopochi minuti fa la notizia del rilascio del Sim Update 4
Lunga la lista della release note:


  • Some packages in your community folder may not have been updated and, as a result, may have an unexpected impact on the title’s performance and behavior.
  • Please move your community package(s) to another folder before relaunching the title if you suffer from stability issues or long loading times.
  • We performed some optimization for the initial full download of the title so the base game is only 83GB instead of +170GB...

MSFS Update PMDG: nuove immagini e probabile rilascio a breve del DC-6

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PMDG ha rilasciato nuove immagini, video e informazioni sul DC-6 in sviluppo che Randazzo ha confermato sarà il primo aereo ad essere rilasciato per MSFS da PMDG, già nelle prossime settimane.

"The DC-6 will be the first release from PMDG for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Robert suggests that a release could be within the next few weeks. Considering that PMDG development cycles are usually fairly long, this is a huge change of pace from the development team."

Randazzo ha anche detto che il 737 dovrebbe essere rilasciato entro l'anno e a seguire 777 e 747 (previsti entro inizio 2022)

"Currently we are working on the DC-6 and the 737 product lines, and Vin is building out the new flight deck for the 777. We fully expect to have the DC-6 and 737's released this year, with a remote possibility of the 777 releasing as well by year end, and the 747...

MSFS Rilasciato scenario Venezia Lido Aerosoft

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Aerosoft ha rilasciato lo scenario dell'aeroporto Venezia-Lido "Giovanni Nicelli" situato nella parte nord dell'isola del Lido di Venezia


  • Detailed rendition of the airfield LIPV Lido di Venezia
  • Perfectly blended into photogrammetric city of Venice
  • Fully custom modelling and texturing using PBR-effects throughout the entire airfield
  • Clutter objects and 3D people to bring the airport to life
  • Custom night lighting including runway and taxiway
  • Custom static aircrafts (aircrafts and helicopters) reflecting the real traffic at the airfield (randomized)
  • Individual animations like weather dependent 3D people, animated sun visors at tower and more
  • Excessive performance optimization based on specifications by Microsoft
  • Best spot to start your Venice adventure

MSFS CaptainSim rilascia 777-200 Base-Pack

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Captain Sim ha rilasciato una versione base del 777-200 (paragonabile come sistemi agli aerei di default)

Queste alcune delle features

• Highly detailed and accurate model of the Boeing 777-200ER
• 4K Ultra-High resolution textures
• Cabin with 3D windows, interior, stewardess and animated pilots
• Hundreds of realistic animations including wing flex

• Essential functionality paired with default 747 systems simulation
• Highly detailed and accurate model including complete passenger cabin
• High resolution textures
• Custom views including wing views

• Supports most features of MSFS 2020 (rain/icing effects, sound etc)

• ACE (Aircraft Configuration Editor) with Updater
• Growing number of easily installable free liveries
Sim Ops...

MSFS MSFS Development Update 14.5.2021

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Microsoft ha rilasciato un update sullo stato del prossimo Sim Update IV previsto per il 25 Maggio oltre ad informazioni sulla partnership con Azure Cognitive Service per l'implementazione del text to speech (TTS)

"Since testing has started, a number of features and bug fixes have already been included and will ensure that compatibility with add-ons and the like are working upon the update being released. Looking at the development roadmap, Sim Update IV is due to release on May 25th 2021." (fselite.net)

Oyten – Screenshot by GymmeFyve dal blog di Flight Simulator


P3D Flight Sim Labs rilascia A320-X and A321-X Sharklets

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Dopo le preview dei giorni scorsi sono stati finalmente rilasciati l'A320-X e l'A321-X Sharklets FsLabs