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XPLANE Disponibile (beta) X-Plane 11.53 RC1
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Nuova news per i più avventurosi (serve la spunta per le Beta), è disponibile la versione in oggetto con il seguente change log

Bug Fixes​

  • Added catching of segfaults in the AMD driver from texture imports.
  • Added HP Reverb G2 configs from Bill.
  • Added command line option for controller angle.--controller_angle=[number of degrees]
  • XPD-11084 Pick off G2 controller and give it a special ID so we can get a special config.
  • XPD-11159 Lua allocator can return junk memory.

Qui ulteriori info al riguardo
MSFS Airbus H135 Helicopter Project
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E' stato realizzato il primo elicottero, lo trovate qui.
This build does not represent the level of quality we seek to achieve by the time we get to a 1.0 release, but with just a small team of 3 we know that by releasing our current build to the community we can get valuable feedback and help on improving the H135 to be an aircraft we can all enjoy.

Watch our official Airbus H135 helicopter tutorial from our development team -

It is very difficult to respond to every comment as we have multiple threads up across different flight sim forums and websites. For troubleshooting and exclusive access to our test builds please JOIN US ON DISCORD!

Our helicopter has a personal heliport...

MSFS Lista addons MSFS (PAY/FREE)

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Lista addons MSFS (PAY/FREE) - Ultimo aggiornamento 23 Settembre 2021

In sviluppo 🚧



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