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MSFS JustFlight annuncia Fokker 70/100

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In attesa del rilascio del Fokker 28 in lavorazione ormai da tempo

JustFlight ha reso noto che ha iniziato a lavorare alla versione 70 e 100 dei costruttori olandesi Fokker. Il rilascio non sembrerebbe essere previsto prima del 2023





MSFS Sofly Storm: uragani e tempeste su Flight Simulator

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Per gli amanti delle condizioni meteo particolarmente avverse Sofly ha rilasciato Storm, un programma che aggiunge uragani storici, supertempeste e una vasta gamma di preset di tempeste in qualsiasi parte del mondo.


  • A large number of Hurricanes (historical and fictional) are injected into Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Global storm presets that preset a challenge anywhere in the world
  • Fully voiced story-driven missions
  • Educational airliner flights to the eye of the storm; choose between the default A320 or the FBW A32NX
  • All-new discovery flights and authentic audio tour
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator first: interactive manual as you fly in the simulator
  • Tough and thrilling landing challenges
  • Flight plans leading you to the hurricanes are included, or discover them on your own
  • Detailed PDF guide helping you find the hurricanes and storms included

MSFS Anteprima" Sicily Pack" Jetstream Design (LICJ, LICD, LICG)

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Sembra ormai prossimo il rilascio del progetto di Jetstream Design relativo a Palermo LICJ e alle isole di Lampedusa LICD e Pantelleria LICG.

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MSFS Disponibile Honda Jet HA420

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Marwan Gharib / FlightFX hanno rilasciato il business jet HJ HA420, disponibile sul Marketplace di MSFS

Queste le Features riportate

  • Electrical system that reacts appropriately to different load scenarios
  • Fuel system that reacts automatically to fuel imbalances and switches the source tanks in correct sequences
  • Custom coded HVAC logic
  • Automated hydraulic system
  • Custom built, automated anti-ice system with visual icing
  • Fully automated pressurization system
  • Functioning fire panel with audio warnings and CAS messages
  • Unique displays and autopilot functionality:
    • Custom G3000 touch screen controller that allows you to control the lighting, checklist, v-speeds, static elements, loading, cargo and more.
    • Coupled VNAV (requires WT G3000)
    • Custom PFD/MFD/Engine display
    • Custom PFD crew alert system
    • CSC system
    • Fully automated...

MSFS Top Gun: Maverick Expansion disponibile

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In concomitanza dell'uscita del film Top Gun: Maverick, Microsoft ha rilasciato un pacchetto gratuito di missioni e sfide con l' F/A-18E Super Hornet e portaerei.
Disponibile nel Marketplace




MSFS Rilasciato Airbus A320 Fenix

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Disponibile da stasera il tanto atteso A320 Fenix

"A feature-complete autoflight suite, including full lateral and vertical guidance modes, RNAV/RNP-AR capabilties, and complex route construction supporting multiple ARINC424 leg types such as Radius to Fix (RF) legs are part of the Fenix A320’s arsenal of features. A “physical” fluid dynamic and air-mass simulation is modelled, with thousands of working components from control computers to individual mix valves for the pnuematic system, represented - and all wired to their respective power source/networks on the aircraft, for an truly in-depth simulation."

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MSFS World Update Italia e Malta disponibile

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Come annunciato già da tempo Asobo ha rilasciato oggi il World Update relativo a Italia e Malta.

Discussione sul forum qui:

Questa la lista degli aggiornamenti.


  • New AIRAC 2205 data has been added


  • Improved Airport data

MSFS Fenix A320: development news

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Prosegue il periodo di grandi aggiornamenti per quanto riguarda i liners su MSFS.
Nella notte, Fenix Simulations ha rilasciato informazioni sullo stato di sviluppo dell'A320 di cui tanto si parla da mesi.
Reso noto anche il prezzo a cui sarà disponibile, ma non ancora la data di rilascio che sembra comunque non lontana; infatti viene reso noto come la fase beta sia in conclusione e come il software adesso sia "stabile".

Rilasciate anche tante immagini.

Il prezzo di vendita sarà di 49,99 £ tasse incluse (circa 58 euro)

Tra le features indicate, anche un complesso sistema, facoltativo, di onboarding/deboarding e la correlazione diretta con Simbrief




MSFS Flight Sim Labs annuncia che svilupperà anche per MSFS

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Dopo tanti mesi di silenzio anche FSLab ha sciolto le riserve e pare approderà sulla piattaforma di MSFS

Non noti i tempi ne ancora disponibile alcuna preview

"Hello all,

It's been a couple months since our last news, so I wanted to take this opportunity and give you an update of our current project development status.

We've so far been very quiet as regards our MSFS development plans - we've taken some time to investigate the best possible way to bring our product family into the new platform while maintaining a common code base that still keeps a high level of realism and fidelity as regards the flight model characteristics our customer base has been used to up to now. Given the well documented state of the Microsoft Flight Simulator SDK we are continuing our efforts to innovate beyond the platforms' current limitations.

Over the last eighteen months, FSLabs has...

MSFS Hotfix Sim Update 9 MSFS

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Asobo ha rilasciato ieri l'hotfix relativo al Sim Update 9
Di seguito la lista degli aggiornamenti apportati:

Release Notes​

  • Fixed various crashes on the world map
  • Fixed crashes affecting airports that have a beacon but no runway (BIKF for example)
  • Fixed simobject data request creation process preventing Flight sim gear peripherals from working
  • Fixed a crash in vector placement during back to main menu
  • Fixed LOD streaming in vector placement in the Scenery editor
  • Fixed windshield flickering when the render scale is not set to 100%
  • Fixed CGL updating loading order to ensure custom CGL files are loaded correctly
  • Fixed ATC Azure TTS goes silent while in gameplay
  • Fixed crashes about SimConnect message reception after being closed in WASM

Come sempre consigliabile svuotare la cartella Community prima del download automatico dell'aggiornamento

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