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MSFS LeonardoSH annuncia il rilascio imminente del Maddog
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Nel pomeriggio di oggi LeonardoSH ha comunicato la data di rilascio del tanto atteso MD82, indicando il 30 Aprile.

"Hi captains,

I don't get lost in chatter talk but I'll tell you immediately what many of you have been waiting to know for quite some time: the release date is set for April the 30th 2022 and the price will be 75 € + VAT. Fly the Maddog X will be available via SimMarket only.

I could add so many details but I will do it in the next few days, the most important thing is the addition of the EFB, initially not planned in the feature list, and the introduction of a new 3D model for the passenger cabin in line with the new graphic standards of FS2020.

See you soon in MSFS2020!"
MSFS Aerosoft rilascia Brussels Mega Airport
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Dopo l'accattivante trailer dei giorni scorsi Aerosoft ha rilasciato oggi l'atteso scenario dell'aeroporto di Brussels.

Da quello che si vede, l'asticella nella produzione di scenari per MSFS sembra sia stata ulteriormente alzata.


  • Includes a highly accurate recreation of Brussels Airport (BRU, EBBR)
  • Highly detailed models with high resolution textures
  • Custom jetways with correct variations for each terminal pier
  • Ambient passenger movements inside and around the terminals
  • Large amounts of ground clutter and service equipment at aircraft stands and parkings
  • Custom ambient ramp traffic bringing the apron to life
  • Up to date taxiway, apron and stands layout
  • Custom and accurate taxiway signage
  • Accurate taxiway lighting including custom runway guard lights
  • Approach and...
MSFS Just Flight 757-200/300 Development Update
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Nei giorni scorsi Just Flight ha rilasciato screen e aggiornamenti sullo sviluppo del 757-200/300 in collaborazione con BlueBird Simulations.
Saranno realizzate sia la versione passeggeri (prima) che la versione freighter (successivamente).

Viene definito come "mid-level complexity aircraft.”

Queste alcune delle features

  • Two variants of the 757 will be completed on initial release:
757-200 passenger version with RR ( E4 variant) and PW engines
757-300 with RR ( E4 variant) and PW engines

  • Accurately modelled using hundreds of photos, drawings and manuals
  • Realistic animations including passenger, service and cargo doors, control surfaces and mechanisms
  • 4k PBR textures are utilized along with decals to bring out the smallest of details
  • Authentic...
XPLANE Rotate MD-11 finalmente disponibile per X-Plane
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Rotate ha rilasciato oggi il lungamente atteso MD11 per X-Plane

"Rotate has included a large number of systems including an accurate air, electrical and hydraulic system, as well as a complete automatic flight system. All FMA modes are simulated, along with flap limiting, stall warnings, automatic pitch trim and more.
For those looking to go deeper into the simulation, a full test system has been included meaning you can ensure fire systems are working, the weather radar is functional and all emergency power is in working order. More than 200 failures are also included with the Rotate MD-11."

Maggiori info e possibilità di acquisto qui:

MSFS Rilasciato Aeroporto di Marina di Campo - Elba LIRJ
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Rilasciato oggi su Simmarket, da parte di TEGA Airports, l'aeroporto dell'Isola d'Elba Marina di Campo (LIRJ)

Queste le features pubblicate:

  • Airport fully updated to 2022 (Google & Bing are still outdated)
  • Custom 3D models & PBR textures based on real imagery including the terminal, control tower and hangars
  • Meticulous 2D surfacing, lines, markings and parkings
  • Roadside reproduction with terminal, close neighbor buildings and roads
  • Realistic calibration of the PAPI lights
  • Accurate simplification of the objects complexity, FPS friendly



MSFS Anteprima esclusiva JetStream Design: Lampedusa LICD
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In anteprima alcune immagini inedite, work in progress, dell'aeroporto di Lampedusa di JetStream Design.
La software house sta lavorando agli scenari di Palermo Punta Raisi, Lampedusa e..........Pantelleria!
Lo stato di avanzamento pare sia abbastanza avanzato.
Intanto alcune esclusive immagini di Lampedusa!


MSFS Maddog Leonardo development news: beta avanzata e feature list
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Leonardo ha rilasciato nelle scorse ore corpose informazioni sullo sviluppo in corso del tanto atteso Maddog.

E' stato dichiarato che la fase di test procede in modo soddisfacente ed è in fase avanzata. Non è stata comunicata una release date ma è stata comunicata la feature list delle implementazioni (tante) che saranno disponibili fin da subito e di quelle che verranno introdotte successivamente. Rilasciati anche alcuni screen.

Fly the Maddog X MSFS version 1.0 will include:

- MD82 with -217A engines, PAX Cabin 162Y and Honeywell FMS for NAV/VNAV/ACARS;
- Flight model and engines performances tested and matched against real aircraft performance tables;
- All systems/avionics/tests etc, fully implemented as in the P3D version, including failures/INOPs feature, fully dimmable...
MSFS Roma Fiumicino rilasciato da MK Studios
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Finalmente rilasciato oggi lo scenario di Roma Fiumicino realizzato da MK Studios.
Disponibile sia su Simmarket che su Orbx.



MSFS Preview Trailer 737 PMDG
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PMDG ha rilasciato il primo trailer del 737NG

"Welcome to the first video trailer for PMDG's new 737 product line, developed for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator. Designed to PMDG's exacting standards, this new product line is packed full of detail that will please flight simulation enthusiasts from the professional pilot down to the most casual of simmers. Get your first look here! "

MSFS MK Studios annuncia il prossimo rilascio di Roma Fiumicino
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Con un post su Facebook MK Studios ha reso noto che il 24 Febbraio verrà rilasciato lo scenario di Roma Fiumicino.

"Rome is calling. See you on 24th Feb!
#fiumicinoairport #rome #msfs2020"

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