XPLANE Rilasciato ToLiss Update A319 v1.6
  • 2.784
  • 2
Come già anticipato qualche giorno fa, oggi ToLiss ha rilasciato l'update per l'A319 (v1.6).
Questa la lista delle nuove features e dei bug fixes

Major new features:
  • Pilot item database allowing the creation and storage of custom waypoints, including associated page reconfigurations on DIR TO, FPLN, RAD NAV page etc.
  • Bleed system upgrade to a quantitative bleed model affecting fuel consumption and take-off thrust
  • Support for LDA, IGS, Localizer Back course and GLS approaches
  • Complete rework of the PERF pages to add EO mode information as well as climb/descent predictions to a given altitude
  • Rework of the PROG page to include EO mode information including an indication of OEI gross ceiling and predictive GPS function
Minor new features:
  • When flying the IAE engine, the EWD now properly supports revision to N1 Mode
  • TO performance calculator also determines whether packs need to be ON or OFF for the take-off.
  • Complete redo of the SD pages...
XPLANE Disponibile (beta) X-Plane 11.53 RC1
  • 1.613
  • 1
Nuova news per i più avventurosi (serve la spunta per le Beta), è disponibile la versione in oggetto con il seguente change log

Bug Fixes​

  • Added catching of segfaults in the AMD driver from texture imports.
  • Added HP Reverb G2 configs from Bill.
  • Added command line option for controller angle.--controller_angle=[number of degrees]
  • XPD-11084 Pick off G2 controller and give it a special ID so we can get a special config.
  • XPD-11159 Lua allocator can return junk memory.

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