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Raccomandazioni Loockheed Martin P3D v2 rendering e prestazioni

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I know for whatever reason some here never read the actual Prepar3D support forum so posting this here. If you don't read there on a regular basis, you should make a habit of it. These guys are pros..

This is from Beau.


Hello all,
Thanks for all the great feedback thus far. I've been seeing a lot of the same issues crop up here on the forums so I've compiled this FAQ. Please check back here before posting about rendering performacne and stability to make sure issue hasn't already been addressed.

My FPS dropped. What happened?
Click on the main app window and it should go back up. We have some known issues where the main app window loses focus after clicking on UI windows, context menus, and undocked prepar3D windows. The operating system the treats Prepar3D as a background app and throttles the application causing a drop in FPS and GPU utilization.

Why aren’t NVIDIA driver overrides aren’t working?
Rest assured that we aren’t disabling these on purpose. We want all our users to have the broadest set up tweaks and tools at their disposal to get the most out of Prepar3D v2. We’ve been working with NVIDIA to try to track this down. Some of the overrides may not actually work with any D3D11 application. Thus far, NVIDIA has not given us any feedback to indicate that we need to do anything more on our end to enable these overrides. We will keep working with them to resolve the issue. For now, most driver overrides won’t work.

Enable Aero in Windows 7:
VSync will only work in win7 if Aero is enabled. Enabling Aero should improve performance of the menus as well and may improve performance in general. Generally speaking, if you have a GPU powerful enough to run v2, your system will run smoother with Aero on anyway thanks to hardware accelerated window composition.

Why isn’t V-Sync Working?
See above

Why do context menus cause my framerate to drop?
Enable Aero in Windows 7. Click on the main app after using menus. See posts above for more details.

I’ve got SLI/Crossfire enabled and…..?
Please disable SLI/CrossFire. Prepar3D will get SLI/CrossFire optimizations in 2.1. If enabled in 2.0 the driver may try optimizing for us and based on how we use resources, it will probably do more harm than good. Customers have been reporting poor performance and system crashes with SLI. Crossfire is likely to have similar issues. If you have more than one monitor, and more than one GPU, we recommend hooking up your second screen to the second GPU and disabling SLI/Crossfire for the best results.

My settings are the same as FSX/Prepar3D1.x but…?
Not possible. Our settings and rendering have both been totally overhauled for 2.0. Very few of the sliders still behave as they did in 1.4 and 1.4 was already markedly different than FSX/ESP.

FSX and/or Prepar3D 1.4 ran great on my rig. Why doesn’t v2?
Most likely you don’t have a powerful enough GPU to run our new features. We’ve offloaded tons of work to the GPU such as the terrain mesh generation and particle simulation. We’ve also added many new features such as shadows and 3d water that stress the GPU. You will get poor performance on low end GPUs unless the settings are tuned carefully. We’ve optimized for high end hardware because we want Prepar3D to be a viable platform for years to come. Hardware will keep getting better and cheaper.

I’m running on multiple monitors or at ultra high resolutions. Why is my framerate so low?
Back in 1.4/FSX, the system was CPU bound most of the time so resolution changes didn’t impact performance very much. Now that we are heavily tasking the GPU, you will likely see your framerate scale with your window resolution. If you want to stretch a view across multiple 1080p displays, you’ll need to dial back the settings or lower your screen resolution.

Beau Hollis
Rendering System Lead - Prepar3D® Team


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