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NEWS QW 787 Update 1.2 rilasciato! (Include 787-10)


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  • Boeing 787-10 variant
  • VATSIM Transponder compatibility
  • Custom SELCAL
  • Engine windmilling effect
  • Wheelchocks
  • Option to customize PFD colors added (see documentation)
  • New QW loadagent in EFB
  • Customized airline specific EFB graphics
  • Reworked weather radar for improved stability, range and realism
  • Cockpit Display fonts & alignment improved
  • Fuel Prediction shows -nan(ind) when loading a saved flight with uplinked winds
  • VC - FO EFB clickspots are out of alignment
  • VC - External Power "Avail" annunciators do not work occasionally
  • VC - Pedestal appears too bright when Interior Shadows are disabled (P3Dv4 only)
  • VC - cockpit certificates read -8 for all variants
  • VC - improved button/switch animations
  • VC - HUD occasionally disappears below 30ft AGL
  • VC - Yoke deflection angle corrected
  • Exterior - Main Gear Tires too glossy
  • Exterior - SODE jetway position too high
  • Flaps 17/18/20 not recognized as valid take off settings
  • PFD - Flight Director does not appear until MCP speed gets changed
  • ND - "Time to Align" overlaps MAP/PLAN buttons in Plan Mode on full ND
  • Display brightness setting does not get saved when clicking "SAVE CONFIG" on the QW CONFIG screen
  • Panelstate - When loading a panelstate where the APU was running, the APU is shutdown but the switch in the ON position. APU should be up and running.
  • FMC OPT/RECMD/MAX altitude logic flawed
  • EFB - Passenger count and cargo weights incorrect for -9 and -10
  • EFB - Landing Distances show as '0' when using "copy from FMC". Fixed by re-selecting the runway
  • EFB - Mismatch between FMC/EICAS and EFB weights
  • CDU - When entering a value to change the STEP SIZE, the scratchpad does not clear
  • Excessive thrust increase/decrease during turns
  • TCAS does not filter traffic outside of altitude limits (BELOW/NORM/ABOVE)
  • QW Dispatcher - Pax weight changed to 190lbs
  • Tail Strobe lightsplash missing (P3Dv4 only)
  • White Engines appear slightly gray-ish (P3Dv4 only)
  • Improvements to Panel State saving / loading
  • Anti-Skid system fixed
  • Exit positions for SODE jetways fixed
  • Strobe lights default to OFF when loading the plane on the ground
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