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Supporto LICA 2016 FSX-SE HOT FIX

Autore discussione #1
Buonjiorno everyone,
Purchased LICA 2016 from Simmarket to few days ago in order to use in FSX-SE.
The scenery is excellent but the problem is craches in many points on apron and runway.
The link ItalySimDesigns.com does not work.
I can not find a link to download a mentioned HOT FIX.
Any help would be very kind from anyone
Best regards


The Boss
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ciao Dimitris and welcome, don't worry, Cecco for sure will give you an answer in a short time.

Best regards,


Staff Forum
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No problem Dimitris, it is out duty
Autore discussione #5
Good afternoon to everybody,
Four days and i am still waiting for a link in order to use LICA 2016 in FSX-SE without crashes...